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Manage Change Without Authority

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Project manager, team leader, committee chair, task force director- great titles, tough jobs
If you’re on the fast track- someone who has already moved well beyond his or her formal job description- you know what we mean because you’ve been tapped for one of those roles. You are expected to get results- mold the group into a driving force- without any real members because they come from all over the organization. You need new skills to be effective in this environment- skills like winning trust, building credibility and influencing others to your point of view. These are exactly the types of abilities you will acquire at Manage Change Without Authority.



1. Lead with confidence and build positive relationships
2. Establish goals, delegate, empower, and maintain accountability
3. Demonstrate leadership through effective communication skills
4. Deliver persuasive presentations
5. Resolve conflicts and apply a tool to coach effectively

You'll learn how to:

·         Understand the 5 proven ways to successfully influence others

·         Gain trust throughout the organization

·         Acquire the confidence and self-esteem you need to lead

·         Practice the behaviors that permit effective leadership

·         Lead others even when you don’t have direct authority

·         Use the power of being a good listener

·         Utilize 4 important tools that enable the building of positive relationships

·         Give and receive feedback

·         Ask the right questions to keep the conversations focused

·         Use presentations to persuade your audience

·         Recognize and overcome the barriers that may stand in the way of you taking a leadership role

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Module 1: Understanding Authority
Module 2: Building the Confidence to Lead
Module 3: Planning and Accountability
Module 4: Overcoming Barriers and Roadblocks
Module 5: Delivering Persuasive Presentations
Module 6: Moving Forward Successfully


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